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Foreign Investment

AVM offers its Clients expert advice on structuring and monitoring their foreign investment projects in all aspects related to international trade and customs.
AVM is particularly experienced in advising all types of investors regarding the structuring, global planning and implementation of foreign investment projects in markets in which it has offices, decisively contributing to minimise the impact of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in different jurisdictions, optimising resources and related costs and building solid compliance programs.
AVM also offers its clients expert advice on all aspects related to international trade and customs. Our international trade team has experience in a wide number of areas connected with international business transactions (i.e. tariffs, quotas, marking requirements, labeling and standards) and litigation.
AVM has given advice to several multinational companies, including transportation companies, foreign and domestic producers, service providers, manufacturers and distributors, importers and many other clients involved in a cross-border movement of goods, services and capital.
AVM provides legal assistance to clients involved in the export of crude oil, diamonds, refined oil products, gas, timber and cotton and also to multinational companies active in the segment of imported finished goods and raw materials, namely ensuring their representation before customs and other relevant authorities.
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